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Bathroom Remodeling

We Build Inspired Home Spaces

It’s no shame to enjoy a good shower, especially in a fancy bathroom.

Modern homes around the US have already figured they can invest in one of the rooms they spend precious time in and enjoy the experience to its fullest. 


From Design
to Reality

Re-imagining a bathroom is a process that’s created based on various elements, and that’s why we have mapped all the essential stages of creating a brand new bathroom without forgetting any detail.


Our pride comes from treating each project with the care and attention that we would give to our own homes.


No matter what the project, our team will make sure you have a straightforward and easy experience.

We Bring Ideas Home

Our team comes with vast knowledge and experience, powered by professionals who deeply know how to create the best atmosphere for you and your close ones. Our unique knowledge and expertise are all set for renovating the best bathroom you can imagine.

Planing to change your layout? no problem. Tree Builders Group has architects on hand ready to make you plans that fit your needs.


Custom Design

Do you have a unique idea in mind? Let’s create it!

We have the capabilities of creating a custom-tailored bathroom suited for your needs, taste, and budget.

If you can dream it – We want to hear more about it. Contact us now to get a free consultation call.

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Interior Design

We are a SF Bay based award-winning design and build company that specializes in high-end designs and remodels.


We are a hands-on team of architects, interior designers, project managers and builders working together to achieve our client’s dream renovations.

Project Management

As a one-stop shop, we assist in every step of a project, from architectural and planning to custom-made finishes and decor.

San Francisco Bay Area
Bathroom Remodeling

Thanks to sophisticated state-of-the-art technologies, a tireless team of professionals, and an extensive knowledge base, we consistently deliver superior and innovative bathroom designs.
No doubt, this is why we have served an impressive list of clientele in need of bathroom remodeling services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


We Deliver High Quality
Home Renovation Service

Regardless of what you decide to do to your bathroom, Tree Builders Group will make sure everything is done up to code and by the book. Our prices include permits, plans, designs and everything you need.

Bathroom Remodel from A-Z

bathroom remodeling elements

Custom Vanity

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about fixtures, sinks, showers, or bathtubs. We know how to find the most luxurious angle, emphasizing in seeing what blends best with each element to create a broad and shiny picture.

We love our work because we can create a premium-level bathroom within a short time and on an affordable budget, allowing almost any household to enjoy the high-class experience.

Tile Installation

Tiles are quite important in terms of creating a vivid look for your bathroom. Therefore, we will create a shared experience where we’ll find the most appropriate mix of materials for your new bathroom, combining different patterns, colors, and materials for your liking.


You may haven’t noticed it yet, but a big part of your bathroom’s likeness comes from properly selected tiles. So we will pick together what suits it best and quickly start the next thing that comes into mind - Installing it for you.


What you bring into your bathroom is your business, and ours ensures that you’ll have reliable storage solutions to store almost anything that comes into mind. We will combine delicate designs with the 100% practical approach, creating a vivid atmosphere and options you can rely on.

Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, the only difference between a lovable bathroom and a mediocre one is good lighting work. We have access to various illumination solutions that take the different virtues of your bathroom into account to create a lasting effect that maximizes the natural light and has reliable lighting options you can use anytime.


It’s time to enter your new bathroom and feel it in your bones! We offer detailed flooring options for finding what marks the spot for your preferences, making sure that you’ll have the safest trip around and inside your new bathroom, with the same applying to your family and close ones.

Our Happy Clients Say...

Our company ensures the highest quality standards while developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. 

I had a bunch of random ideas of things I liked, and Tree builders group and their design team helped me focus those into a cohesive finished project design that looks incredible and has breathed new life into my space.
John Doe

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We Build Inspired Home Spaces

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