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Exterior Remodeling

Top notch construction you can count on

Although our clients might have different reasons for partnering with us, we help each one achieve the same goal – a beautiful home or property exterior. We’ve seen it all, and we love the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

Exterior Remodeling Services San Jose (2)
Exterior Remodeling Services San Jose
Window Replacement San Jose
Exterior Remodeling Services San Jose


Our mission is to provide you with professional service while caring for your home and your property. We strive to do our best in all the work that we do. From our initial contact with you to the final inspection after completing your project, one of our experienced professionals will be there to answer any questions you might have.


Our pride comes from treating each project with the care and attention that we would give to our own homes.


No matter what the project is, our team will make sure you have a straightforward and easy experience.

Upgrade Your Home

We specialize in exterior home remodeling and home renovations that give your property the look you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking to complete a major renovation or would simply like to update your backyard, we offer professional services for your home exterior that add both value and appeal.

Our home remodeling contractors are ready to serve you with the best in paint, siding, windows, doors, gutters, porch, and deck replacement and installation services. On top of that, our products are manufactured to the highest energy-efficiency standards to help you save on utility costs.

Full Home Remodel - Tree Builders Group

Remodel With Confidence

You need a professional remodeling partner who listens and delivers on your vision by carefully crafting customized solutions. At Tree Builders Group, we place value on earning our customers’ business, and that’s why we’re the premier provider of home remodeling services in the SF Bay and the surrounding area. We take into account everything that matters to you and create customized remodeling options that address all of your home exterior needs.

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Interior Design

We are a SF Bay based award-winning design and build company that specializes in high-end designs and remodels.


We are a hands-on team of architects, interior designers, project managers and builders working together to achieve our client’s dream renovations.

Project Management

As a one-stop shop, we assist in every step of a project, from architectural and planning to custom-made finishes and decor.

Bay Area
Leading Contractor

Your feeling of home starts as soon as you approach it, especially after a long day or a return from a vacation, a trip, or anything else that you kept separated for a while.

How about returning to your newly renovated home and enjoying different perks regarding its look and improving its first impression capabilities? Do you wish to impress your guests when they approach your balcony, or maybe get more endorsements from your neighbors?

We have quite the resume in increasing a house’s vanity from the inside and outside, and if you want to make jaws drop and get all the praise before you even give the inside home tour – Give us a call.

Exterior Paint

Add some color to your life, and make your house as vivid as ever!

We will find the best color palette for your home and ensure that every inch of your walls will be painted in the right amount and opacity. Don’t worry. For years, we have learned what will go best with every part of your home, taking into account the existing colors, terrain, and any other aspect that may need our extra attention.

Our job will be swift, making sure to leave no mess behind. We believe in making things as swift and efficient as possible, so you’d have no problem taking care of your business while we take care of the rest.

Window Replacement

energy efficient windows

A window represents so many options available for your ideal home. Pick from different kinds of materials, and we’ll make the adjustments based on your taste, liking, and budget. We will start working only after agreeing upon a joint action plan that will consider everything we need to know beforehand.

All of the windows that we use fit the quota of the highest global standards, and we will do our best to create a hazard-free environment that’ll stay that way long after we are finished.

We will perform the complete task, starting from removing the old windows and replacing them with brand new versions for your liking. Caution: The final result can be stunning!


Exterior Coating (Stucco)

Are you planning on enriching your home’s walls with more than just paint?

The world of Stucco provides you with further options that vary with different patterns laid for you to pick. We have done all the hard work for you, so you can lay back and relax while we take care of all that’s needed for your perfect home – And that’s a guarantee.

After deciding the best combination for your home, we’ll set the whole operation up, finishing only after we’ll give you a 100% satisfaction experience. When we start a project, we do whatever’s needed to create the final result you had in mind – So you’d better be on the look while we make a dream come true!

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Our Happy Clients Say...

Our company ensures the highest quality standards while developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. 

I had a bunch of random ideas of things I liked, and Tree builders group and their design team helped me focus those into a cohesive finished project design that looks incredible and has breathed new life into my space.
John Doe

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